'House of Cards' Sent Out Sexual Harassment Memo Weeks Before Kevin Spacey Allegations

The memo, which was sent out two weeks before the star's downfall following sexual harassment scandal, told all staff to take a new online course on sexual harassment called 'Risky Business'.

AceShowbiz - Netflix and "House of Cards" producers apparently were quick to catch current issue regarding sexual harassment in the industry. It was reported that a few weeks before star Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual misconduct towards an underage actor, producers sent a memo to all staff requiring them to take a new online course on sexual harassment called "Risky Business".

According to Page Six, the memo read, "With this issue being front and center in the news right now, this couldn't come at a better time." It continued, "We feel it is important for everyone in the workplace to understand and live these principals."

Hollywood production studio Media Rights Capital sent out a memo on October 13, three days after Ashley Judd, Asia Argento and others alleged that Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed and raped them. The memo allegedly read, "Dear Staff, Welcome to season 6 of 'House of Cards'; on behalf of everyone at MRC, we are excited to be embarking on another exciting season! ... We are committed to a Harassment-Free Workplace and a comfortable work environment for all of our employees."

"At the top of each production year, we have forwarded our 'Harassment-Free Workplace Policy and Procedure' as part of all staff's employment package," the memo, which was sent to staff members by MRC's head of TV business and legal affairs, went on reading. "We decided to take it a step further and worked to create a program entitled 'Risky Business' . . . a [one-hour program] designed to help our personnel navigate any difficult issues that may arise. It will also give you the tools to handle and/or avoid any 'risky situations.' "

All employees were asked to complete the course within a couple of weeks. However, just like what we have known, two weeks later "Star Trek: Discovery" actor Anthony Rapp dropped a bombshell sexual harassment allegation against Spacey. Rapp said that Spacey made a sexual advance toward him when he was 14. Spacey took to his Twitter account to apologize to the actor as well as announce that he's gay.

Following the scandal, Netflix decided to conclude "House of Cards" after season 6. The filming of the new season was also suspended "until further notice."

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