Louis Tomlinson Tells Fans He's 'Just Like You' in Surprise Track

The One Direction member surprises fans with the release of 'Just Like You', saying the song will be included in his upcoming album.

AceShowbiz - After collaborating with %cSteve Aoki% on "Just Hold On" and %cBebe Rexha% on "Back to You", %cLouis Tomlinson% finally unveiled a new song, making him the latest %cOne Direction%'s member to release fully solo music. The single may be a bit of surprise to some fans, but Tomlinson explained its release through a series of tweets on Wednesday, October 11.

"So I wrote a song called Just Like You a few months ago. After a few conversations with the label I told them that I wanted to release it," he wrote. The "Back to You" singer continued, "My next single will be a bit later this year but I wanted to share this with you now. This is for you lot!"

"The song will go live on the usual platforms at midnight local time. Nz and Aus be ready," he added. "This is one of my favorites from the album. Conceptually I think it's sums me up! This song is for you. :)"

Through the soft, electronic-tinged song, Tomlinson wanted everyone to know that he is a normal person like them. He rhymes, "I'm just like you/ Even though my problems look nothing like yours do/ Yeah, I get sad too/ And when I'm down I need somebody to talk to/ Yeah, I feel the same as you would do/ Same stress, same s**t to go through/ I'm just like you/ If you only knew."

Many people are delighted with the new single, but some avid One Direction fans are excited for something else. They are convinced that Tomlinson's new single is directed to his bandmate %cHarry Styles%.

These avid fans were convinced that Tomlinson's "Just Like You" answered Styles' solo single "From the Dining Table". In the song, Tomlinson sings, "I wanna lay where she lays," and many fans speculate that the line is an answer to one of Styles' lines in "From the Dining Table" that says, "Woke up the girl who looked just like you."

"Just Like You" will be included in Tomlinson's debut solo album, which does not have a title and a release date yet. Listen to the track below.

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