'Big Brother 19' Finale: Who Win the Jury's Votes?

Paul, Josh and Christmas are the last three standing HouseGuests, but only the final two are vying for the grand prize.

AceShowbiz - Who played the game the best on "Big Brother 19"? The winner was revealed in the finale that aired on Wednesday, September 20, but first the three remaining HouseGuests, Paul, Josh and Christmas, played "Tail of the Unicorn".

In this competition, they had to stand on a cloud and hold on to the back of their flying unicorns by a rope while getting misted with colorful glitter powder. The last one standing would be the winner. Josh fell after 40 minutes, and Christmas fell after 54 minutes. Paul won part 1 of the Final HoH.

Josh and Christmas competed in part 2 of the Final HoH. The competition tested their knowledge about the evicted HouseGuests and they had to knock down cut-outs of the HGs who were not the answer. Josh won the competition.

Paul and Josh moved on to part 3 of the Final HoH. In "Tales of Just Us", they answered eight questions about things the jurors said after they were evicted. Josh got 4 correct answers, and Paul had 2. Josh became the final HoH.

Josh now had to choose whom he would evict. Paul said he had Josh's back all season. Christmas, a stronger competitor should she go to the final 2, didn't have much to say to defend herself. Josh chose to evict Christmas and bring Paul to the final 2.

In front of the jury, which now included Christmas, Josh talked about his biggest moves which included aligning with the outsiders and taking out Alex because she was a great competitor. Josh also denied Alex's claim that he destroyed friendship or his alliance, but he wouldn't sacrifice his game for others.

When asked about being Paul's puppet, Josh said he merely downplayed his intelligence and let others trust in him. Josh also explained why he cried after his fights with other HouseGuests, saying that he wanted to expose people's games with the fights, but he felt badly about it because he genuinely liked them.

In his final speech, Paul said that everyone wanted to take him out and he had to play hard to survive. He reminded everyone that he won 9 competitions and had total control over his weeks as HoH. Josh, meanwhile, claimed that he played fearlessly, put targets on people's backs and aligned himself strategically. He said he gave it everything and he made himself underestimated as his strategy.

The jury finally gave their votes. Josh won by a 5-4 vote. He became the first non-white man ever to win the game. Paul looked very disappointed as Raven comforted him.

Host %cJulie Chen% later announced America's Favorite Player. Kevin, Cody and Jason were in the top 3, but Cody was the winner.

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