Naughty! Reese Witherspoon Admits She Had Sex in Front of College Roommate

In addition, the 'Big Little Lies' actress confessed that she once had sex in a public place, though she refused to answer 'follow-up questions.'

AceShowbiz - Apparently Reese Witherspoon hasn't always been a good, innocent girl that her image reflects. During her appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Wednesday, September 6, the "Big Little Lies" star confessed that she once had sex in front of her college roommate.

The actress and fellow guest Pink were invited to play "Never Have I Ever" game by host Ellen DeGeneres, during which they had to answer questions by showing "I have" and "I have never" sign. "Never have I ever hooked up while someone else was in the room," said Ellen. Both Pink and Reese held up "I have" signs, surprisingly.

The actress later indicated that the dirty deed happened during her college days. She quickly explained, "College? Yeah, [when I was in] college!"

And the shocking revelation was not stopping there. The "Legally Blonde" actress also admitted that she had sex in a public area. When Ellen asked, "Never have I ever done it in a public place?" Pink held up "I have" sign without any hesitation as she said, "This is easy." Reese, meanwhile, was a little bit slow to answer the question, before eventually raising the "I have" sign.

But even after she answered that she had, she played dumb and slyly asked what "it" actually referred to. The mother-of-three then tried to avoid getting asked to further elaborate the story, and said, "I have no follow-up questions." On the other hand, Pink coolly opened up to the host where exactly she did it. "What was the public place?" Ellen asked, to which the "Just Give Me a Reason" responded, "A park."

The trio also discussed whether they had ever got a lap dance from a stranger. While she admitted she had gone topless on the beach, Reese stood down on that one. Ellen, who showed "I have never" to almost all of the questions, even answered that she had. "Mine was Channing Tatum," the host dished on the enviable experience of hers. "Where do I sign up for that?" Reese jokingly asked.

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