Must-Watch New TV Series in Fall 2017

This fall will see the arrival of a slew of highly-anticipated shows, coming from various genres including gritty series such as 'Mindhunter' and stress-relieving comedy like 'Young Sheldon'.

AceShowbiz - Brace yourself, fall is coming! As a bunch of new scripted series arrives, you may be having a hard time to choose which freshmen to watch. But you don't have to worry, we have selected some of the most-anticipated titles and provided a quick preview for each of them to help you pick ones which suit your taste.

For sci-fi lovers, you'll get a plenty of choices, from the ambitious "Marvel's Inhumans" to the new installment of the famous "Star Trek" franchise. In comedy department, you may find "The Mayor" and "The Orville" pretty enjoyable. Meanwhile, those interested in gritty and more serious stories, the likes of "Mindhunter" and "The Deuce" are definitely for you.


Premiere Date: September 10 on HBO

Moving from the war of drugs, "The Wire" creator David Simon is joining forces with longtime collaborator George Pelenacos on a new HBO porn series titled "The Deuce". "The Deuce" will take you to the world of 1970s porn industry in New York's Times Square. It follows the legalization and ensuing rise of the porn industry at that time as well as explores the rise of HIV, the violence of the drug epidemic and the resulting real estate booms and busts that coincided with the change.

The show taps Oscar-nominated actor %cJames Franco% in leading role. Known for his wide range of acting talent, Franco takes a dual role, twin brothers Vincent and Frankie Martino. Joining Franco on the series is %cMaggie Gyllenhaal%, who was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her role in "Secretary". She will play Times Square sex worker named Candy, who will cross path with the Martino brothers through her porn business.


Premiere Date: September 10 on FOX

%cSeth MacFarlane% presents a comedic take on the hit sci-fi franchise "Star Trek" with "The Orville". Set four centuries from now, the apparent parody follows the adventures in the final frontier of the USS Orville, as its human and alien crew tackles the battles, politics and workplace drama of galactic travel. While "Star Trek" has Klingons, "The Orville" features its own version of the alien, including a "single-gender" alien.

"Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane stars as Capt. Ed Mercer, who will lead his crew to new worlds in space as they battle a terrifying villain called Krill. However, don't expect "Family Guy"-ish jokes on the series as MacFarlane, the mastermind behind "Ted" and "Ted 2", promises "to break some new ground" through the upcoming series.


Premiere Date: September 24 on CBS All Access

After five decades, "Star Trek" is returning to small screen through a new prequel series "Star Trek: Discovery". CBS All Access' ambitious new series is set a decade prior to the original "Star Trek" television series and will feature all-new characters, Starfleet ships and adventure. With new technology, the new series promises better visuals, something that the previous "Star Trek" shows didn't have.

Poised to be a game changer, the highly-anticipated series will introduce the very first openly gay character in the franchise's 54-year television history. "Rent" actor %cAnthony Rapp% will take on the role, with %cWilson Cruz% playing his character's love interest. Led by "The Walking Dead" star %Sonequa Martin%-Green, the 15-episode series is set to debut through a special broadcast premiere on Sunday, September 24 at 8.30 P.M. on CBS, before moving to its home on CBS All Access. 


Premiere date: September 25 on CBS

Those who want more of "The Big Bang Theory" must be on cloud nine. A prequel of the long-running CBS comedy series, titled "Young Sheldon", is coming to the small screen, chronicling the life of young Sheldon Cooper (%cIain Armitage%). Having been referred to several times on "Big Bang", Sheldon's childhood is as colorful as his life as an adult as we know it. Despite going through a hard childhood as the bullies' target, Sheldon, a very gifted yet peculiar child, enters college at the age of 11 and gets his first PhD at 16.

The prequel is also poised to highlight Sheldon's relationship with his grandmother, Meemaw (%cAnnie Potts%). The character has been referenced multiple times on the flagship series and now fans will see more of her on the new series. Interestingly, the show cast %cZoe Perry% as Sheldon's mother, Mary Cooper. Perry is the daughter of %cLaurie Metcalf%, who plays the older version of the same character on "The Big Bang Theory".


Premiere Date: September 29 on ABC

Meet the Royal Family of Inhumans, and of course Lockjaw, on ABC's new series "Marvel's Inhumans". Following the success of "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", the network is trying its hands at another series set in Marvel Universe. ABC shows its ambition with "Inhumans" by filming it on IMAX camera and launching it with a two-hour premiere on IMAX theaters.

"Inhumans" will introduce the Royal Family in Attilan. Peace in the faraway land is disrupted after Maximus (%cIwan Rheon%) starts an open coup d'etat, forcing his brother Black Bolt (%cAnson Mount%) to run away to the Earth with 2,000-pound teleporting canine companion Lockjaw. How they will interact with the lush world and humanity around them can provide a light break amid the serious theme. "Inhumans" will premiere its first two episodes on Friday, September 29 at 8 P.M. on ABC, before later airing on its regular slot every Friday at 9 P.M.


Premiere Date: October 2 on FOX

Following in the footsteps of its sister network FX which has gained success with "Legion", FOX brings to the small screen another X-Men-related series, "The Gifted". Unlike other superhero shows, however, the upcoming FOX series is set to heavily center on how the lead characters and the mutants fight for families against villainous Sentinals Service and its spider-like machines.

"The Gifted" follows a suburban human couple whose ordinary lives are rocked by the sudden discovery that their children, Lauren and Andy, possess mutant powers. Forced to go on the run from a hostile government, the family joins an underground network of mutants led by Eclipse to fight for survive. Comic book fans will be treated to the live-action version of familiar faces from the original comics, such as dimention-warping portal creating mutant Blink, Magneto's daughter Polaris as well as Thunderbird, who possesses superhuman strength, speed and stamina.


Premiere Date: October 3 on ABC

Amid the frequently frustrating political situation in the U.S., "The Major" offers a comedic approach on political campaign. It centers on a young rapper, Courtney Rose (played by %cBrandon Micheal Hall%), who plans to use a mayor election as a chance to generate buzz for his music career.  But when least expected, he won the election, and soon his life won't be the same.

Created by Jeremy Bronson, "The Mayor" is definitely at the right hands. Bronson is no stranger to the genre, with "The Mindy Project", "Speechless" and "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" on his resume. The series also marks the return of %cLea Michele% to comedy scene after "Glee" and "Scream Queens".


Premiere Date: October 11 on The CW

Revival is a thing nowadays, and The CW won't miss the trend. Despite going strong as ever with its slew of DC's superheroes shows, the network doesn't forget to add diversity to its shows. They challenge themselves with a new modern take on classic soap drama "Dynasty", which was the #1 show in the United States by the spring of 1985.

On the reboot, Fallon Carrington (%cElizabeth Gillies%) thinks she will be announced as the new COO of her father's, Blake Carrington (%cGrant Show%), global energy empire. But much to her horror, Fallon is horrified to learn her promotion is still far away, if not impossible, with the arrival of her stepmother-to-be, Cristal (%cNathalie Kelley%). Family dynasties flow through blood, and Fallon would sooner draw blood than call Cristal "mom." 


Premiere Date: October 13 on Netflix

After "Zodiac", David Fincher is taking you on another sinister odyssey with "Mindhunter". The "Fight Club" director is bringing out a new crime thriller series in the midst of a vast ocean of sci-fi and superheroes shows. For those who enjoy "Gone Girl", make sure to mark the date to binge-watch "Mindhunter" this fall.

Based on John Douglas and Mark Olshaker's 1996 book titled "Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit", it follows two FBI agents in the serial crime unit, who set out on a sinister investigative odyssey. They attempt to discover how psychopath thinks only to find brutal answers. It will explore how the term "serial killers" are made and who made the term exist.


Premiere Date: November 21 on Hulu

Another Marvel series is coming to small screen. Amid the already packed plate of sci-fi shows with FOX's "The Gifted" and ABC's "Marvel's Inhumans", "Marvel's Runaways" on Hulu is looking to attract viewers of a certain range of ages.

Targeting younger demo, "Runaways" follows a group of six young heroes with %cGregg Sulkin% ("Faking It") playing one of them. The six youngsters, who initially are not even friends, face an unexpected truth of their parents being members of a supervillain cabal called The Pride. They decide to go on the run and learn that they are not just ordinary teenagers they think they are. It takes no time for the awkward relationship to fade and be replaced by friendship, offering them the warmth of family.

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