SHINee's Onew's Long-Running Fan Sites Close Down Following His Sexual Harassment Scandal

The 'In Your Eyes' crooner has started to lose fans' support as his fan sites which have been running for years close down one by one after he was sued for sexual harassment.

AceShowbiz - Onew of SHINee really needs to reflect on his mistakes in order to gain fans' trust once again. The "Descendants of the Sun" actor has started to lose fans as many of his fan sites, which have been running for years, closed down.

Onewsama, one of the biggest Onew fan sites, announced on Twitter on Sunday, August 20 that it would be closing down after nine years of supporting the singer. "CLOSE 2008.08.19 - 2017.08.20. Thank you for enjoying my photos throughout the long 9 years even though they were lacking. Goodbye," the admin tweeted.

Another fan site called On the Record closed down the following day. It wrote, "2012.09.09 ~ 2017.08.21 CLOSE. I was happy during our times together. Thank you." Other sites like No Reason and Eyes on You decided to deactivate their Twitter accounts without making any announcement .

With fan sites closing down one by one, people feel that Onew's future is pretty bleak since his fans are known to be incredibly loyal. "If even [Onewsama] closed down, then this scandal is really affecting people widely. Lee Jin Ki [Onew's birth name], I really didn't think you'd do this. We've let it go the past few times you made small scandals but this time, the only solution is for you to reflect and enlist to the military," a commenter writes on an article on Pann.

Others point out that Onew has very kind fans since usually fan site admins will tell people about the idols' "sins" that fans try to cover. "I've seen so many fan site admins drop bombs before they close down. Jin Ki, you see this, right? These fans who were behind you for the past 9 years, they're choosing to close down quietly," one of them comments. Another adds, "Closing quietly like this is still out of consideration for Onew."

Onew was sued for sexual harassment by a woman who claimed that she was inappropriately touched by the "Moonlight" singer at a night club. She dropped the charges, but the case was eventually sent to the prosecution.

Onew was supposed to appear on "Age of Youth 2", but fans asked him to step down from the drama due to the scandal. The producers later announced that Onew would be replaced by another actor.

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