Shinee's Onew Is Facing Sexual Harassment Allegation

Shinee's Onew Is Facing Sexual Harassment Allegation

The 27-year-old South Korean singer is being investigated for sexual harassment after he allegedly grabbed a woman at a night club.
Shinee's Onew has been investigated for sexual harassment. The 27-year-old South Korean singer was accused of inappropriately grabbed a woman at a night club in Gangnam on Saturday, August 12.

The woman was dancing on stage when she felt a hand touch her. According to the alleged victim, she ignored the first incident, but when it happened again, she asked another club-goer if he saw what happened.

The witness said he saw Onew touching her and they decided to file a police report. Onew was then interviewed by police for 5 hours along with the victim and the witness. According to sources, Onew told police that he was too drunk to remember details of the night.

SM Entertainment later released a statement which said that the charges were dropped as the situation was caused by a misunderstanding.

SM Entertainment explained, "In the early morning of the 12th, [Onew] attended a club with friends to congratulate an acquaintance who had debuted as a DJ. He was dancing in a drunken state, and he uninentionally made physical contact with those around him. Because of the misunderstanding, he was investigated by police."

"However, the other side has admitted it's something that could occur and has dropped the charges as the misunderstanding has been cleared up," it continued, "Onew plans to faithfully participate in the remaining investigation."

The company apologized for "causing distress" to fans and sincerely asked them to "refrain from additional reports."

Dispatch then released details of the incident. According to a staff member of the club, the singer was really drunk that he couldn't even stand on his own. "A was hanging out on a platform above where Onew's table was. That's why he kept bumping into her," the staff member said, "Onew couldn't even stand. He grabbed A's leg while sitting down. I think he thought it was a pole."

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