Tyga Says He Warned Rob Kardashian About Blac Chyna's Game

The 'Faded' rapper says although Blac is a good person at heart, 'she just got a different mentality.'

AceShowbiz - Before Rob Kardashian is involved in a nasty drama with Blac Chyna, Tyga had a complicated relationship with the same woman who is the mother of his son King Cairo. Speaking on Power 105.1's "The Breakfast Club" radio show on Thursday, July 20, the rapper said he had warned Rob about what he would've gone through with Blac.

"I told him what the play was," he said. "I told him, like, what he was gonna deal with, you know what I'm saying? When I was with [Kylie Jenner], I told him like, 'Bro I was just with her for three, four years. This is what you're about to deal with.' "

So, what's actually the problem with Blac? "She just Chyna. She just got a different mentality," the 27-year-old spitter said when pressed for specifics. "She really is a good person - you feel me - at heart, but she's been through a lot in her life, and she didn't have people to help guide her and stuff in her life."

Tyga added that he knew Rob wouldn't be able to handle Blac. "It's not the fact of what type of girl she was. I knew a [guy] like him wasn't going to be able to handle a girl like that. He's coming from a whole different world. He don't know how she moves and how she thinks. When you're in love and when you don't care what nobody else thinks, love blinds you," he explained.

On accusations that Blac is a gold-digger, Tyga says, "I mean when we was together, I held her down, but after we broke up, she was doing her own thing and hustling."

Earlier this month, Blac was granted a restraining order against Rob after the sock designer leaked her naked photos. Her other ex, Pilot Jones, meanwhile, accused the former stripper of bullying him after their split that caused him to attempt suicide.

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