BET Awards 2017: Leslie Jones Mocks Amber Rose's 'Bush' Pic, Pokes Fun at Young Rappers' Names

The 'Saturday Night Live' cast member says she doesn't understand the names of young rappers and takes picture of her own crotch to compare it to Amber's racy photo.

AceShowbiz - Leslie Jones had promised a roast-free stint prior to hosting the 2017 BET Awards, but ended up poking fun at everyone from young rappers to Amber Rose at the Sunday, June 25 ceremony. The funny lady said in her monologue that she got confused by the names of young rappers.

Noting how many things have changed since she was coming up, she said, "When I was coming up you could understand their names because they belonged to them." Giving an example, she said Ol' Dirty Bastard was exactly that. "What's a Lil Yachty. Is it a small boat? Why don't you want to be a Big Yachty? I don't understand?" she questioned.

Leslie also joked about herself. Saying that she's about to turn 50 in September, she claimed, "That's right. Black don't crack, but you do have to use some lotion." She then shocked the audience when joking about getting raped.

"When I was in my 20's, I lived. I think I got kidnapped when I was 21. Do you know how it sexy it is to get kidnaped?" she said. "You pull your pants down and and an angel fly out of there. You pull MY pants down and a fire breathing dragon will come outta there," she yelled, adding that her dragon "will keep your meat warm."

Later on the show, the "Saturday Night Live" cast member mocked Amber Rose's raunchy Instagram picture that showed her unshaven crotch. Leslie lied down on the stairs leading to the stage to reenact Amber's pose and took her own picture, but with her clothes on.

"[We have] something in common," she told Amber, saying that she didn't shave her crotch area like Amber. She jokingly added, "[Your bush] looks like James Harden and mine looks like Frederick Douglass."

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