Gwen Stefani Plans to Surprise Blake Shelton by Wearing Sexy Lingerie on His Birthday

Gwen Stefani Plans to Surprise Blake Shelton by Wearing Sexy Lingerie on His Birthday

The 'Baby Don't Lie' songstress has reportedly spent 'a few thousand dollars' on a new lingerie as she plans to 'blow Blake's mind' on his 41st birthday.
Gwen Stefani is willing to do anything to make Blake Shelton happy. The No Doubt frontwoman is said to have purchased a lot of birthday presents for the "Austin" hitmaker, including an expensive sexy lingerie that she plans to wear later.

According to, Gwen really wants Blake to have an amazing birthday. "Gwen spent a few thousand [dollars] on new lingerie too, she’s planning to totally blow his mind and make it the best birthday ever," a source tells the website.

Blake, meanwhile, plans to take Gwen to Oklahoma to celebrate his birthday. "Blake has his heart set on a country birthday celebration and he would love to spend his big day at his ranch in Oklahoma. It is his most favorite place on the planet," an insider tells "Nothing would make him happier than spending the weekend hunting, fishing and drinking with his best girl, Gwen, by his side."

However, the country star will not mind if his girlfriend has other plans for him. "Blake made it clear to Gwen that while Oklahoma is where his heart is, any surprise she may have planned for him will be special and meaningful, as long as they are together," the insider adds.

The couple seems to be planning to have fun on Blake's birthday although it was reported that Gwen had mixed feelings about his birthday since it would remind her of Gavin Rossdale. "Gwen is having some varied emotions this year when it comes to Blake's birthday since it lands on Father's Day," a source revealed. "As much as she wants to celebrate Blake's birthday, she also has to think of Gavin that day and it's a little weird and gets her to be a little emotional."

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