T.I. Who? Bernice Burgos Is Secretly Flirting With Chris Brown

The model reportedly has been privately sending sexy videos to the R'n'B singer after her dramatic split from alleged fling Tip.

AceShowbiz - Bernice Burgos reportedly has been flirting with Chris Brown after her dramatic split with alleged fling T.I.. If HollywoodLife.com is to be believed, the model has been secretly sending sexy videos to the R'n'B singer amid rumors Tip is expecting a child with estranged wife Tameka Cottle a.k.a. Tiny.

An alleged pal of Bernice told the webloid that the model has had to deal with some stressful times since Tip's said to be getting closer to Tiny again. Apparently wanting to move on and have some fun to cope with her broken heart, "Bernice has been secretly flirting with Chris for a while."

"At first it was just cute messages here and there but now that she's mad at T.I. she's taken it up a notch. She's started sending him really sexy videos. Nothing X-rated because she knows better than that but definitely more extreme than she'd ever post online," revealed the pal.

"Chris loves that she's got all these sexy females around her so she plays that up for him too and sends him pics of them getting touchy feely," the source continued. "She makes it seem like she's down to share. The funny thing is she's actually not into sharing at all. That's exactly why she's mad at T.I. right now."

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