Spidey Concludes His NBA Finals Party Quest in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Promos

The last footage for the promos honoring the NBA Finals has been released, featuring Tom Holland's Spidey, Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark, Jon Favreau's Happy Hogan and the one and only MJ.

AceShowbiz - "Spider-Man: Homecoming" hilarious promos, which are released in honor of the NBA Finals, are now completed. The promos feature %cTom Holland%'s Spidey, %cRobert Downey Jr.%'s Tony Stark, %cJon Favreau%'s Happy Hogan and cameos such as %cStan Lee%, %cTim Duncan% and %cDJ Khaled%.

The first promo sees Stark ordering Happy to invite "the kid" to the NBA final party. Spidey is fighting criminal when getting the invitation, saying, "No way! I'm gonna watch the NBA Finals with Mr. Stark!"

The second video sees Happy ordering Peter to go downtown and get snacks for Tim Duncan. It later shows Spidey fighting thieves and grunting, "I just want to watch the game!" Stan Lee then pops up out of nowhere in green sweater, pointing at Spidey as he says, "I think I know that guy!"

The third video opens with a call from Stark, who asks Spidey, "Where is the snack?" Spidey quickly marches on a supermarket and replies, "I'm getting them right now." In the cashier, he unexpectedly bumps into DJ Khaled, who shakes hands with him. It looks like Spidey desperately wants to watch the game soon as he hurriedly leaves when two fans ask DJ Khaled to take their photograph.

In the final promo, Peter meets MJ in the party, a hilarious allusion to Mary Jane, whereas it's actually %cMagic Johnson% whom he meets up with. Peter also meets Tim Duncan and gives him the snack as he finally gets in the seat to watch the game. To Peter's surprise, it turns out that the television in Stark's house only offers a look at Stark in the grandstand instead of the game itself.

The promos are made by ESPN CreativeWorks and Sony Pictures, with "Homecoming" filmmaker Jon Watts directing. Although the promos feature "Homecoming" major cast members, they are not parts of the movie and solely made in honor to NBA Finals.

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" is set to hit U.S. theaters on July 7.

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