Ben Stiller's Health Fears Ruin Sex Life With Wife Christine Taylor

Rumor has it, the 'Night at the Museum' actor health fears have destroyed his sex life with his wife of 17 years.

AceShowbiz - Ben Stiller's health fears reportedly ruined his sex life with his estranged wife Christine Taylor. The couple recently announced separation after 17 years of marriage, but they didn't reveal the reason behind the split.

Rumor has it, Ben's fixation on another woman and his hypochondriac attitude about his health wrecked his sex life with Christine. "It was Ben who was to blame for the marriage breaking up," a source reveals.

Prior to their split, Ben and Christine were fighting over his "close friendship" with a female friend he had met on a movie set.

"Ben became quite taken with her and was often heard bragging about how talented the woman was and he gushed that she was 'definitely going places!' " the source tells Radar Online, "His wife Christine was not amused by her husband's mid-life infatuation and the couple fought constantly about it, especially in recent months because Ben stayed in touch with the gal and claimed he was only 'mentoring' her."

The source adds, "[Christine] didn't believe a word of it! And Christine threatened Ben with an ultimatum: 'You stop talking to her.' But then Christine caught him on his cell in covert conversations at all times of day and night. When she confronted her husband, he replied, 'You will not censor who I talk to. Back up give me my space! Christine blew a gasket! After the scare he and his wife hardly shared a consummated marriage!"

Following his prostate cancer, Ben "has been on a roller coaster ride of self-pity. He's become a hypochondriac and every few months swears the cancer is back. He drove his wife crazy with all his constant complaining and erratic behavior. Christine had no choice but to pull back."

"Every time Christine tried to help, when he grew more and more anxious, he began slamming doors, breaking thing, and throwing temper tantrums in front of their two kids and friends," adds the source.

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