Is This the End of 'KUWTK'?

Rumor has it, the Kardashian-Jenner family are saying that the show should end following Kris and Caitlyn's drama.

AceShowbiz - Is "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" going to end soon? Rumor has it, the Kardashian-Jenner family wants to end their reality show following Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner's drama over the latter's new memoir.

According to a source, the key family members, including Kris, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian, are saying "KUWTK" should end because of recent family drama over Caitlyn's revelations. A huge ratings crash this season has already put the E! reality show's future in danger.

But Kim Kardashian disagrees if the show is cancelled. "The entire Kardashian clan has finally fallen apart and at least three major players—Kris, Kourtney, and Khloe— are in agreement that 'it's enough,' " the source tells Radar Online, "Kim is the only one who disagrees. It definitely looks like this WILL be the last season we see the family!"

Caitlyn recently said in an interview that she was never "entirely comfortable" having sex with Kris. The source said that sent Kris into a tailspin. The source explains, "She's now at the point of nearing a breakdown! She's seen many doctors, is taking lots of meds, a handful of antidepressants every day over all the latest drama to hit with Caitlyn."

"The girls have become VERY concerned about her because she's been acting erratic unstable and totally different," continues the source, "She's crying all the time. She's depressed and slipping more and more every day. But now things have changed. She's changed–enough so that the older girls are taking action and have agreed with their mom that KUWTK needs to go.They are done being the most visible American family on TV. They all want out and are in talks with E! channel as we speak!"

According to the source, "some bigwigs at E! agree it's now become old. It may be time for the show go out slowly like some super successful shows like those at HBO and other networks. It's becoming ugly and dangerous health-wise for Kris and she's really all the family has!"

Kim reportedly doesn't want the show to end because she's addicted to fame. "Kim, who we all know is living a complete lie with her troubled marriage to Kanye West, is the only one objecting because she's become addicted to the fame. She has said, 'I can't even imagine fading into the realm of who's that and from where?' "

"The rest of the family cannot believe how selfish Kim is acting especially seeing how fast her mom Kris is spiraling downwards," continues the source, "There's dissension amongst them and those in favor of ending show, her sisters and Rob, are shocked at Kim's behavior."

"Khloe and Kourtney both have said for many years that Kim is and always has been convinced the show is ALL is about her and her alone! Meanwhile, her marriage is in tatters and a sham her kids hardly see her. [Kris] has become a bit of a recluse, not at all like her old self. And those kids who care and see this are extremely concerned. But Kim just keeps thinking about the attention she craves and the dollar signs because there's never enough," concludes the source.

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