Blac Chyna Is Taking Over 'KUWTK'

The 28-year-old model is reportedly taking over the Kardashian family's show as its ratings continue to plummet.

AceShowbiz - %cBlac Chyna% is reportedly taking over "Keeping Up with the Kardashians". The Kardashian family has been trying their best to save their reality show since the ratings continue to plummet following the lackluster season 13 premiere. %cKris Jenner% believes Blac could save the show.

According to a source, Kris has hooked up Blac with new storylines on "KUWTK", and she's looking at a second season of her spin-off with %cRob Kardashian%, "Rob & Chyna", too. "They are hoping that Chyna can save the show," the source tells Radar Online.

While "KUWTK" hits record lows for viewers, the "Rob & Chyna" series has reportedly been a ratings bonanza. "Because the ratings are bad at KUWTK they [the Kardashians] may have overplayed their hand," explains the source, "E! has ordered a pickup of Rob & Blac."

The source adds, "Bunim Murray want to do it. Rob and Chyna want to do it. Chyna has a deal for KUWTK. She will be on the next season of that no matter what. She has story lines. She has a four-year deal with E!"

But it is all for show. "The last thing Chyna really wants to do is hang out with the sisters and the mom. She just prefers to stay quiet," says the source, "These guys are the big bullies on the street. They are playing bully ball."

"Now that the relationship is sh***y between her and Rob, I think everyone is being a little sh***y towards Chyna. Even Tyga is piling it on her too. There is plenty of drama!" continues the source.

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