'Marvel's Jessica Jones': Is Nuke Actor Teasing His Return for Season 2?

Wil Traval, who played Will Simpson a.k.a. Nuke, seemingly hints at his return for the critically acclaimed Netflix series with his recent Twitter post, saying he's going to NYC to meet 'old friends.'

AceShowbiz - As it was previously reported, "Marvel's Jessica Jones" officially began filming for its sophomore season on Broadway and west 101st Street on Monday, April 3. It seems like the second season will see the return of first season's one of pivotal characters, Will Simpson a.k.a. Nuke.

The speculation stemmed from a Twitter post by Nuke actor Wil Traval. Wil took to Twitter on Tuesday, April 4 to presumably hint at his return for the upcoming season 2. "Flying to #nyc tomorrow morning, can't wait to see old friends and get me a slice #pizza #NewYork #love," the actor wrote.

On "Jessica Jones" season 1, Simpson was used as a pawn of The Purple Man (David Tennant), but later developed a romantic relationship with Jessica's (Krysten Ritter) best friend, Trish (Rachael Taylor). His relationship with Trish forced his way into their operation to take The Purple Man down, before eventually succumbing to the strength-enhancing, psyche-altering pills he took near the end of the season.

Not until after the show ended, most fans realized that Simpson was the Nuke from the comics. At the end of season 1, Simpson had finally begun transforming into the character.

There is no further detail about Wil's involvement nor the concrete premiere date of "Jessica Jones" season 2. In the meantime, Jessica Jones can be seen on "Marvel's The Defenders" which is slated to premiere on August 18.

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