'Saturday Night Live' Chronicles Donald Trump's Muslim Ban on New Snapchat Sketch

'Inside SoCal' boys Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney are back along with special guest Scarlett Johansson to investigate President Trump's travel ban on Muslims.

AceShowbiz - "Saturday Night Live" is back on Snapchat with a new installment featuring "Inside SoCal" San Diego teens Todd (Kyle Mooney) and Casey (Beck Bennet). The new installment uploaded on Tuesday, April 4 on Snapchat tackles President Donald Trump's travel ban on Muslims.

"As many of you know, we have a new president of the country or whatever, and he has recently did a travelers' ban for-against muslims," said Todd during the public access show. "What makes Muslims so bad? Is it just 'cause they're of a different religion and might not always smoke or skate like us? That's not fair to judge. I think this is a bad idea and actually a discrimination like Jackie Robinson in baseball, the old negro leagues," he continued.

To investigate deeper on Trump's ban, Kyle's Todd went to a local mall to ask a shopper, whom he thought a Muslim, for her opinion. However, things went awkward when he learned that she wasn't actually Muslim. "Oh, that's crazy. It's super interesting," he awkwardly responded.

The sketch continued with Scarlett Johansson, who hosted "SNL" on March 11, making appearance as Lindsay Dunlap, whom Beck's Casey dubbed "the finest girl at our high school." Lindsay was now single and got back home after failing to make it in fashion school. When "Inside SoCal" correspondent KP tried to ask her out, she vomited up her drink. However she later agreed, "Yeah, I'm down." The sketch concluded with Todd playing Blink-182's "Dammit" on the guitar as Casey sang along.

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