'Westworld' Reveals Who the Man in Black Is, but There Are Bigger Twists

The season finale confirms fan theory about the Man in Black and hints at the existence of another park.

AceShowbiz - "Westworld" just answered one of the biggest questions that we had been asking throughout the season, but started new ones. The first season finale which aired Sunday, December 4 confirmed the speculation [SPOILER ALERT!] that the Man in Black (Ed Harris) is none other than William (Jimmi Simpson).

The revelation came as old William tried to wake the information about the maze out of Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood). Turns out the maze was useless to him as it was designed by Arnold (Jeffrey Wright) to help Dolores become fully conscious. We knew that Dolores had killed Arnold, and in tonight's episode it was revealed why.

Several decades ago, Arnold brought Dolores close to the center of the maze. Realizing that he couldn't open a park if the hosts were fully conscious, he decided that he and Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) must shut down the park.

However, Ford disagreed, so Arnold instructed Dolores to kill all of the other hosts, including himself. When the park was reeling financially, William bought a controlling stake in the company and kept the park running.

In the future, Ford hosted a huge cocktail party and invited the park's investors to watch his new narrative. Ford introduced Dolores to Bernard, who is none other than Arnold, and Dolores finally realized that she had just been talking to herself the whole time instead of hearing someone's voice.

She then took her favorite gun, which Ford left for her, and shot Ford before pointing her gun to others at the party. William smiled while Teddy (James Marsden) watched in horror.

Elsewhere in the episode, Maeve (Thandie Newton) tried to escape with the help of Hector (Rodrigo Santoro) and Armistice (Ingrid Bolso Berdal). She reached the train that would take her away from Westworld, but her memory of her daughter made her decide to stay and search for her daughter.

During her escape attempt, Felix took Maeve through a section that we've never seen before - a floor full of Samurai warriors. When Maeve asked Felix what this place was, he said, "It's complicated." The door was labeled with "SW", leading us to believe that there are other parks.

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