Madonna Accused of Getting Butt Implants After Onstage Twerk With Ariana Grande

A lot of fans noticed that there's something unusual about Madge's backside when she was twerking with Grande during her show to raise money for her #RaisingMalawi benefit.

AceShowbiz - Madonna sure makes lots of headlines for making a single appearance at the Art Basel show over the weekend. The singer, who invited her ex-husband Sean Penn and offered to remarry him in effort to raise funds for her #RaisingMalawi benefit, raised more eyebrows with her onstage twerk with guest Ariana Grande.

Despite Grande being one of the biggest pop stars right now, a bunch of fans in the audience couldn't take their eyes off Madge's backside when the two ladies were dancing and shaking their booties in front of the crowd.

Fans noticed that there was something unusual about the veteran diva's bum, which she barely covered in a very short dress. They then took to social media to accuse the 58-year-old songbird of getting butt implants.

"SOOOO MADONNA HAS BUM IMPLANTS NOW WTF IS GOING ON LOL," one fan wrote on Twitter. "Madonna went and bought a fake a**....yuck. S**t jumped the shark. I can't wait for this trend to be over," another tweeted.

Other Twitter users branded Madonna's derriere "disgusting" and "weird," and even likened it to "lumpy porridge." A fan also suggested that the "Like a Virgin" hitmaker get a refund from her doctor.

Madonna hasn't responded to the accusations. Despite criticism over her body, she did very good job raising money for Malawi. That night, she managed to earn around $7.5 million from auctioning her various personal items, including photos from her and Penn's 1985 wedding.

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