'The Simpsons' Endorses Hillary Clinton, Mocks Donald Trump in New Short

Find out how Homer and Marge decide whom they will be voting for on the 2016 election in this hilarious clip.

AceShowbiz - "The Simpsons" delivered its own take on the 2016 presidential election with a new short. In the funny clip, which the Republicans may not be fond of, Marge can't decide whom to vote for until she watches a newscast about how the candidates would probably react to an emergency call at 3 A.M.

In Hillary Clinton's bedroom, her husband Bill Clinton first answers the call. "The situation room? I'll be right there?" he says, before realizing that the phone call is for his wife. "Yes," Hillary replies. "From now on, it's always for me."

An imaginary scenario for %cDonald Trump%, meanwhile, sees him ignoring the call to finish his tweet. When he finally answers the call, he says he'll be right there, but he calls his makeup team who takes hours to apply powder to his face, spray on self-tanner, remove his nightcap to place a fluffy dog on his head and slip on a pair of larger hands.

By the time his makeup is done, the phone rings again and he's told that he's too late and the Chinese fleet is advancing. "Build another wall. Yes, in the ocean, loser!" he orders the person he's talking to on the phone.

Marge finally makes up her mind about whom to vote for and she manages to persuade Homer to vote for the same candidate.

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