Hugh Hefner Deposed in Sexual Assault Suit Against Bill Cosby

Hugh Hefner Deposed in Sexual Assault Suit Against Bill Cosby

Gloria Allred fired off a slew questions to the Playboy founder during the deposition on Wednesday, May 18 at the Playboy Mansion.
Hugh Hefner was deposed by lawyer Gloria Allred on Wednesday, May 18. Gloria, who is representing alleged Bill Cosby victim Judy Huth, said that the deposition took place at the Playboy Mansion and was videotaped.

Gloria said in a statement, "Because there is a protective order in place, we are not at liberty to discuss any part of Mr. Hefner's testimony. We look forward to our day in court, after criminal proceedings against Mr. Cosby are concluded."

Representatives for Hugh and Bill haven't commented on the deposition yet.

The deposition came just two days after Chloe Goins named Hugh into her sexual assault suit against Bill. Chloe claimed Hugh was part of "conspiracy" when Bill doped and groped her inside the Playboy Mansion in 2008. According to the suit, the 90-year-old businessman was responsible because he served alcohol to Chloe as a minor, introduced her to Bill and "knew or should have known defendant Cosby had a propensity for intoxicating and or drugging young women and taking advantage of them sexually and against their will or while they were unconscious."

Chloe said she was "shocked, hurt and psychologically impacted and damaged as a result of this traumatic incident at such a young age and this psychological torment has caused her serious harm and life-long harm and injury."

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