Crane Operator Apologizes After Joking About Injuring Beyonce

The 'Lemonade' singer's fans stood behind her and sent Austin Zamora hateful messages following his reckless comment.

AceShowbiz - Beyonce Knowles' fans got mad at a crane operator for threatening to injure the singer. Austin Zamora, who works for his family's company, has issued an apology after receiving hateful messages, nasty phone calls and death threats from the Beyhives.

Zamora was fixing the lights for Beyonce's Thursday, May 12 concert in San Diego. Someone said to him, "Badass... But make it so it collapses on her." Zamora replied, "I wish it would." It was all captured on video which he later posted on Instagram. Little did he know about the consequences.

Zamora's mom Kelly has issued a defensive statement, saying her company had nothing to do with Bey's concert. Per TMZ, Kelly says her son is an independent subcontractor and he did not mean the five words he said.

Zamora himself has been feeling remorse. "I would like to apologize for my comment," he wrote in an Instagram post. "I was working and took it out of context. I misspoke and obviously everybody should be aware that what you say whether you mean it or not has consequences."

He continued, "First person I would like to apologize to is @beyonce family and fans. I would never do anything in my life that would cause anyone harm. I truly am sorry for my bad judgment, and hope that this can be forgiven. I would like to apologize to all companies involved for my mis spoken words. And this would be a lesson that I will take to heart." He has deleted his Instagram account since.

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