Diplo and DJ Snake Call Out David Guetta Over 'Fake' Version of 'Lean On'

'U can't rip us off and go unnoticed .. It's a small community here,' Diplo said in one of his now-deleted tweets in response to Guetta's new song 'This One's for You'.

AceShowbiz - Diplo and DJ Snake are accusing David Guetta of plagiarism. The two called out the French DJ in a string of Twitter posts after noticing similarities between his just-released song "This One's for You" and their hit single "Lean On".

Featuring guest vocals from Swedish singer Zara Larsson, Guetta's song serves as the theme for the 2016 UEFA Championship. In some tweets, which have now been removed, Snake called the record "horrible" and branded it a "fake" version of "Lean On".

Diplo also slammed Guetta in some posts which Snake later retweeted. "U right @djsnake I hope the kids realize we always try to innovate and it's easy for @davidguetta to do whatever Ina quest 4 relevancy," the Major Lazer member wrote. "You not above us @davidguetta .. U can't rip us off and go unnoticed .. It's a small community here."

Snake and Diplo went on blasting Guetta in some other Twitter posts, including one featuring a picture of Guetta with a fake penis on his forehead. "I respect my elders but when they straight jack us its clap back season - that is all," Diplo continued. "And It's hard to be my elder cuz I'm old af."

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