Diplo and DJ Snake Call Out David Guetta Over 'Fake' Version of 'Lean On'

'U can't rip us off and go unnoticed .. It's a small community here,' Diplo said in one of his now-deleted tweets in response to Guetta's new song 'This One's for You'.

AceShowbiz - %cDiplo% and %cDJ Snake% are accusing %cDavid Guetta% of plagiarism. The two called out the French DJ in a string of Twitter posts after noticing similarities between his just-released song "This One's for You" and their hit single "Lean On".

Featuring guest vocals from Swedish singer %cZara Larsson%, Guetta's song serves as the theme for the 2016 UEFA Championship. In some tweets, which have now been removed, Snake called the record "horrible" and branded it a "fake" version of "Lean On".

Diplo also slammed Guetta in some posts which Snake later retweeted. "U right @djsnake I hope the kids realize we always try to innovate and it's easy for @davidguetta to do whatever Ina quest 4 relevancy," the %cMajor Lazer% member wrote. "You not above us @davidguetta .. U can't rip us off and go unnoticed .. It's a small community here."

Snake and Diplo went on blasting Guetta in some other Twitter posts, including one featuring a picture of Guetta with a fake penis on his forehead. "I respect my elders but when they straight jack us its clap back season - that is all," Diplo continued. "And It's hard to be my elder cuz I'm old af."

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