Charlie Hunnam Searches for 'The Lost City of Z' in First Trailer

Also starring Robert Pattinson, the movie is based on real-life story about explorer Percy Fawcett and his men who traveled deep into the jungle of Bolivia.

AceShowbiz - Charlie Hunnam defies the thought that no one could survive the savage Amazon. In the first trailer of "The Lost City of Z", Hunnam portrays real-life British explorer Percy Fawcett, who along with Henry Costin gets lost in the South American jungle.

The trailer shows how Fawcett leaves his little family to roam the jungle with several other men. He is able to fuse with a tribe that is trying to kill him in the river but later finds out that they practice cannibalism. The thriller is intertwined with Fawcett's struggle to convince fellow expeditioners and his family that he is doing something great for the world.

Based on David Grann's manuscript about the search for a lost city in the Amazon, the film concerns British explorer Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett, who was attempting to find the so-called City of Z when he and his party disappeared in 1925. Over the next 70 years, scores of explorers tried and failed to retrace Fawcett's path, including a 1996 expedition of Brazilian adventurers.

James Gray directs the film, which also stars Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller, Tom Holland, Angus MacFadyen and Edward Ashley. Hunnam's role was initially meant for Benedict Cumberbatch but the latter dropped out just before production began early last year. No release date is set yet.

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