Listen to Britney Spears' Version of Nelly and Christina Aguilera's 'Tilt Ya Head Back'

More than a decade ago, Britney recorded the song for Nelly's 2004 album, but ended up shelving it because her record label deemed it 'too urban.'

AceShowbiz - This is what "Tilt Ya Head Back" sounds like with Britney Spears on it. Years after the singer recorded her part for Nelly's 2004 song, a portion of the demo featuring her vocals has surfaced online thanks to Singapore's Gold 90.5 radio station which recently premiered it.

The snippet highlights Britney's signature breathy and sultry vocals. The clip is less than 1 minute in length, but it's enough to entertain fans who have eagerly been waiting for the 34-year-old diva's new music.

"Tilt Ya Head Back" served as a second single off Nelly's 2004 album, "Sweat". Britney was the first singer eyed to add her vocals to the song, which was eventually released as a collaboration with Christina Aguilera. The "Toxic" hitmaker's version ended up being shelved after her label Jive Records deemed the song "too urban."

While fans are excited over this long-lost Britney demo, has just revealed that he has plenty of unreleased music by the singer as well as by Michael Jackson, Beyonce Knowles and Nicole Scherzinger on his computer.

"I got a hard drive full of songs that just sit there and we could go through them," will told Digital Spy. "There's Nicole Scherzinger folders, there's Britney folders, there's Rihanna folders, Beyonce folders - just songs."

Asked how the artists' songs ended up on his hard drive, he explained, "Because I get called to - I'm like the person they call. 'We want something different, we're looking for something different, we need an international song.' So they always call. Me and my squad of writers. So yeah. They're just going to sit there on my hard drive. Somebody has to go through them."

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