Kanye West Raps About Miley Cryus Too. Listen to His and Migos' Leaked Collaboration

The rapper is featured singing in auto-tune about 'sniffing Miley Cyrus with Miley Cyrus' in a 20-second clip that recently surfaced online via model/fashion consultant Ian Connor's Snapchat.

AceShowbiz - Kanye West sure has plenty to say about pop stars. After sparking controversy when name-dropping Taylor Swift on "Famous", the rapper now mentions Miley Cyrus on a new song that seems to be a collaboration with Migos.

A snippet of the track recently made its way out online through model/fashion consultant Ian Connor's Snapchat account. Team Kanye Daily then captured the 20-second clip and shared it with the world via Twitter.

In the brief preview, Kanye is heard singing about "sniffing Miley Cyrus with Miley Cyrus" in heavy auto-tune. It's still unknown whether or not the song will be part of the Chicago MC's new album, which he recently announced would arrive in summer.

Kanye released his latest LP, "The Life of Pablo", exclusively on Tidal a few weeks ago. He's now reportedly readying a new tour to support the project. Kim Kardashian's husband has also been venting his frustration over a lot of stuff on Twitter, including the Grammys that he believes needs to be fixed.

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