So Naughty! Amy Schumer Has Dirty Fantasies About Bradley Cooper and Tom Brady

The 'Inside Amy Aschumer' star clearly takes her raunchy jokes to another level as she reveals her dirty fantasies about Bradley and the football athlete.

AceShowbiz - %cAmy Schumer% takes her raunchy jokes to another level. The "Inside Amy Schumer" star reveals in the December issue of GQ magazine her dirty fantasies about the magazine's Men of the Year including %cBradley Cooper% and %cTom Brady%.

Talking about her fantasy about Bradley, the comedienne straightforwardly says, "Anal." Back in October, Amy hilariously claimed she's engaged to the hunky actor during her monologue speech on "Saturday Night Live". In response to her joke, Bradley jokingly confirmed the engagement as saying, "I thought it was gonna be a secret but she just decided to let the cat out of the bag."

Regarding her fantasy with Tom, Amy says the football athlete ditches her wife %cGisele Bundchen% for her. "Tom Brady picks me up in a nice car. He says, 'Get in,' and I do, and we drive fast. We are listening to some dogs**t on the radio that he likes," she says of her fantasy. "Even in my fantasy, I can't imagine he likes good music."

"I turn it down and say, 'Hey, what happened where is your supermodel wife I thought we were all spending the day together?' " Amy continues her fantasy. "He pulls over and takes my hand and looks in my eyes and says: 'I didn't invite her because I wanted to be alone with you. Yes, she is beautiful and the mother of my children, but you are smart and funny and I've been waiting to have sex with someone with a real body, a real a**, who has lots of bad angles depending on the lighting, and I want to be with you and not that supermodel who does yoga on the beach a lot.' "

Amy doesn't stop there. She hilariously goes on saying, "I sit silently for a few seconds. Then I get out of the car and apologize for what I have just done to the seat and I run down the highway screaming, 'I knew it!' "

The 34-year-old comedian also reveals her fantasies about other prominent male figures including President Barack Obama, %cWill Smith%, %cTracy Morgan%, %cKeith Richards% and Steph Curry. Nevertheless, Amy's fantasies about the other 5 men are not as raunchy as the ones about Bradley and Tom.

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