Richard Madden Apologizes to Cara Delevingne, Claims He Was Misquoted

The 'Game of Thrones' actor insists that he has 'nothing but respect' for the 'Paper Towns' actress and blames 'slow news week' for the media headlines.

AceShowbiz - Richard Madden clarifies his scathing comments on Cara Delevingne's cringe-worthy interview during "Paper Towns" press tour. The "Game of Thrones" actor reaches out to the model-turned-actress on Twitter and apologizes.

Madden claims that he was misquoted and never meant to offend her. He ultimately blames the media for exaggerating his statement. "Hi @Caradelevingne, nothing but respect for you. Misquoted and blown out of proportion. #SlowNewsWeek," he wrote.

The actress has no response to his apology but she has made it clear in her previous tweet that she's not okay with his comments. "If you really want attention that badly, try focusing on your own work and not other people's," the "Suicide Squad" star hotly said.

Delevingne's anger stemmed from Madden's chat with The Sunday Times' Style magazine. "It was unprofessional," he said when asked about her awkward interview in July. "It made her seem ungrateful. If you're not capable of doing it gracefully, don't do it."

The awkward interview in question actually saw the reporter mistakenly addressed Delevingne as "Carla." Another interviewer than accused the star of not being excited to talk to them after she cracked a joke in response to the question if she had read the "Paper Towns" novel before filming the movie.

She got a lot of supports from fellow celebrities after the interview made headlines. "How it's condescending to ask an actress if she's read the book," Zach Braff tweeted back then. Madden's "Game of Thrones" co-star, Maisie Williams, also had her back as she wrote, "Good for you @Caradelevingne. Ask a lazy question, get a lazy answer."

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