Porn Star Details Alleged Violent Sex With Josh Duggar

Danica Dillon claims the embattled reality star was 'very rough' with her during their first encounter and was 'a completely different person the second time.'

AceShowbiz - Porn star Danica Dillon shares new explicit details of the two alleged sexual encounters she had with Josh Duggar when his wife was pregnant with their fourth child. According to the adult-movie star, Josh approached her when she was dancing at a club in Philadelphia in mid-March.

Danica claims she didn't know who he was and the former "19 Kids and Counting" star introduced himself as a fan of her adult film work. "I believe he had had a few drinks at the club," Danica tells ET Online. "I wasn't really staring at him or watching him cause my friends were there with me."

Danica says Josh offered her $1,500 to have sex at the hotel she was staying at in Philadelphia at the end of the night. She accepted the offer and they headed to her hotel room. She claims Josh turned aggressive once they're alone in the room.

"I tried to be sexy and seductive," so Danica says, "And then he was like, 'No, let's get straight to the point,' and [we] took our clothes off, took his clothes off, and he was very rough with me. ... He threw me on the bed and, in all honesty, though it was consensual it more or less felt like I was being raped."

She adds that Josh forced her to perform oral sex on him. Though she admits that she never said "no," she claims, "I did push him back and push him off and say that's too rough that's too rough." She goes on describing their first encounter as "terrifying" despite her experience with filming hardcore sex scenes. She alleges that Josh "just walked out of the room" after he finished and tossed his money onto her dresser.

A month later at a different night club, Josh allegedly approached her again and apologized for his previous behavior. "He walked up to me and he said, 'I am so sorry for the things that I did to you, I am not that type of person,' " Danica recalls. "And I believed him, you know? It was a sincere apology. But to be honest with you I shouldn't have probably."

That night, the two allegedly had sex again in her hotel room. She was still worried that things might turn rough, but he was "a completely different person the second time." Danica claims, "Everything he had to do was like he had to be in control and had to be in power."

Despite opening up about her encounters with In Touch in late August, Danica says she didn't want to be wrapped up in the scandal surrounding Josh. "I had no clue that this man was married, and I had no clue that I was going to ruin his life or his wife or hurt her, I had no intentions on doing that," she further shares.

Josh entered a treatment center late last month to seek help for his problems after admitting to porn addiction and being unfaithful to his wife, Anna. His parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar said in a statement, "For him it will be a long journey toward wholeness and recovery. We pray that in this he comes to complete repentance and sincere change."

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