Jennifer Carpenter Gives Birth to First Child With Fiance Seth Avett

Jennifer confirms she has given birth to her first child with fiance Seth and got to bring the infant to the set of her film 'Limitless'.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Carpenter has officially become a mother. She has given birth to her first child with fiance Seth Avet. Jennifer confirmed the baby news to ET on Monday, August 10 at the CBS TCAs, saying she brought her little one to the set of her latest movie "Limitless".

"Well [Jake McDorman's] done the heavy lifting with the action scenes, but I get to bring the little one to work so that's amazing to go from, like, this world [points to Jake] to this world [mimes holding a baby]," she said. "It creates a lot of balance. I'm lucky -- very lucky."

Jennifer who had a representative confirming in February that she was engaged to Seth and pregnant with their baby, went on revealing to ET, "I was also eight and a half months pregnant when we shot, so I feel like I was walking on set going, 'Are you sure I'm supposed to be here?'" She then quickly added, "But there were such heavy hitters, from the production team to Bradley [Cooper] being a part of it, and the movie having been something I really enjoyed. ..."

"The transition from going from something where I was dealing with someone who never had a reason to smile [her role as Debra Morgan on Dexter] to now I'm on a set where I'm holding back laughter and hoping that I don't mess up a take and slow us down, it's a lot of fun," she admitted to ET. Despite the confirmation, Jennifer didn't share any further details about her baby.

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