Chris Hemsworth to Play Receptionist in 'Ghostbusters' Reboot

Director Paul Feig revealed that the Australian actor joined the cast of the female-led 'Ghostbusters' movie.

AceShowbiz - Director Paul Feig took to Twitter to announce that %cChris Hemsworth% would take part in an untitled Ghostbusters reboot. He revealed that Hemsworth would star as a receptionist for the team of female ghost hunters in the film.

Feig posted Hemsworth's photo on Twitter and captioned it, "Our receptionist. #whoyougonnacall." In the upcoming movie, Hemsworth will take over the role originated by %cAnnie Potts%. In the original film, Potts starred as Janine, a receptionist for ghost hunters' team. In the new version of "Ghostbuster", Feig flips the gender so that Hemsworth will be a receptionist for female ghost hunters who will be played by %cMelissa McCarthy%, %cKristen Wiig%, %cKate McKinnon% and %cLeslie Jones%.

Sources said that the studio went to Hemsworth to offer him one of the major male roles, but he passed on it because the role was too small. Sony later had the script reworked so that the part could be improved.

Though he's mainly known as an action star, Hemsworth seems to broaden his acting credit by getting into more comedy movies. He will next be seen in "Vacation" reboot which opens this July. Additionally, Hemsworth will be playing a heavy role in "In the Heart of the Sea" coming out this December. The actor is currently busy working on "The Huntsman" which is still filming.

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