Pierce Brosnan Stars in Funny Super Bowl Ad for Kia

In the commercial, the 'Die Another Day' actor is a bit disappointed when his agent keeps comically lowering his expectations of getting into action.

AceShowbiz - Kia has released its extended Super Bowl commercial starring %cPierce Brosnan%. In the advert titled "The Perfect Getaway", the 61-year-old actor meets an agent who offers him a role in a commercial.

"Pierce, I got a role that is perfect for you man," the agent tells Pierce. "Don't tell me," the "Tomorrow Never Dies" actor confidently replies, "Action-adventure." The agent adds, "Sort of. Picture this we open on you driving a beautiful car up a snowy mountain road. You going..." Pierce chimes in, "200 miles an hour?"

The advert then shows Pierce driving in a fast pace. "No, thirty," the agent tells the actor. Pierce's car then slows down. The agent continues, "Look up on the trees and you see..." The star of "The World Is Not Enough" replies, "Sniper!" The agent lowers his expectations again, saying, "No. An owl."

The agent says, "You come around and then there's something blocking your way." Pierce responds, "The missile launcher, right?" "No, a moose," the agent tells him. The actor then laughs and asks the agent, "Wait, wait. What's the mission?" The agent replies, "Oh, there is no mission."

"Top secret, huh?" Pierce says. "Yeah. Sort of," the agent responds, before adding, "So you keep going toward the summit, your destination, and there it is... a cabin." The actor chimes in, "A cabin? And it explodes." The agent says, "No. It's just a cabin... No explosions, but there are fireworks."

The scene then shows a pretty lady standing at the door of the cabin. Pierce says, "I like fireworks." The ad ends with Pierce asking the agent, "Can I keep the car?" to which the agent replies, "Oh yeah. You keep the car." The actor then adds, "Okay. I'm in."

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