'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Instagram Teaser Reveals New Footage

'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Instagram Teaser Reveals New Footage

A shot of Wolverine tied in the water and a look at new mutant characters Warpath, Blink and Sunspot are featured in the snippet.
A new teaser video of "X-Men: Days of Future Past" has made its way out via Instagram to offer more sneak peeks into the movie. Though short, the snippet shares new footage, including the one which sees Hugh Jackman's Wolverine bound and sinking in the water.

There's a glimpse of Evan Peters' Quicksilver shattering some glass, young Prof. X (James McAvoy) unleashing power, and Shawn Ashmore's Iceman standing next to Sir Ian McKellen's Magneto. The video also offers a look at three new mutant characters, Booboo Stewart's James Proudstar/Warpath, Fan Bingbing's Clarice Ferguson/Blink, and Adan Canto's Roberto da Costa/Sunspot.

Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique gets some spotlight in the video as well. She is featured blending with people in her human disguise and getting close with Michael Fassbender's young Magneto in another scene.

More sneak peeks from "Days of Future Past" are likely to be unveiled on January 27. The movie's official Twitter account was recently updated with a post which read, "The first of its kind, a special reveal by @EmpireMagazine and the #XMen cast is coming up on January 27th! #Empire25."

Set to hit U.S. theaters on May 23, the follow-up to "X-Men: First Class" is directed by Bryan Singer. Patrick Stewart returns as the elder version of Professor X, with Halle Berry, Ellen Page and Nicholas Hoult reprising their roles as Storm, Kitty and Beast respectively.

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