Stars React to 2014 Oscar Nominations and Snubs

Stars React to 2014 Oscar Nominations and Snubs

Jennifer Lawrence is honored by the nod, Matthew McConaughey uses the opportunity to voice his support for AIDS victims, while Robert Redford is not upset for not getting any nomination.
Hollywood stars have weighed in on the latest Academy Awards nominations. The likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Matthew McConaughey are celebrating their Oscar nods, while Robert Redford who is one of those getting snubbed keeps positive attitude.

"American Hustle" star Lawrence who is vying for Best Supporting Actress says, "Thank you so much to the Academy for this nomination and for all of the nominations for the film. It's very exciting! Congratulations to my fellow nominees, it's an honor to be nominated in the company of these four actresses who I admire and are so incredibly talented."

Her co-star Adams who gets a Best Actress nod states, "It's a very good thing to wake up to; we were all asleep! Am I still recovering from last weekend? Not really," as she refers to her big win in the category at the Golden Globe Awards over the weekend.

She adds, "I'm never really out late anymore at this stage in my life. Making Hustle was very challenging, so it's really nice that people not only recognized the film but all the actors as well. And I'm so proud to have been in 'Her' too, which has been recognized with a best picture nomination. As for celebrating today, maybe we should go out for a family hike? Then again, everyone looks pretty tired around here right now!"

"The Wolf of Wall Street" actor DiCaprio who is in the running for Best Actor is "deeply humbled by this honor and even happier to share today with Marty, Jonah, Terry as well as this entire cast and crew," as he mentions Martin Scorsese's Best Director nod, Jonah Hill's Best Supporting Actor nomination, and Terence Winter's nod for Best Adapted Screenplay.

" 'The Wolf of Wall Street' has been a passion project of mine, and I found the role to be one of the most challenging and rewarding of my career. Congratulations to all of my fellow nominees and thank you to the Academy for this extraordinary recognition," DiCaprio continues.

McConaughey who joins Best Actor battle stresses his solidarity with AIDS victims in his statement, "I share this with the entire Dallas Buyers Club family of filmmakers, cast, and crew -- and the real-life Ron Woodroofs and Rayons who continue to fight and live with dignity. Thank you."

The actor, along with Jared Leto, was previously slammed for not mentioning AIDS patients during their Golden Globe wins. Like his co-star, Leto now makes amend by specially voicing his support for those people, "Today you not only honor me but also all those around the world living with AIDS and all those we have lost to this disease."

"Thank you for recognizing them and recognizing their struggle through Dallas Buyers Club. This was a fascinating story told by a group of incredibly passionate and committed filmmakers who wanted to create something special and shine a light on a unique and important story."

A delighted Peter Staley, an AIDS activist, posts on his Facebook page a smile icon and the words, "They're listening!" to praise the two stars for heeding the criticism.

Meanwhile, Redford who was tipped as one of the possible Oscar nominees for his work "All Is Lost" but didn't get any in the end blamed it on the lack of the movie's campaign. "In our case I think we suffered from little to no distribution," the actor reasons.

He takes the snub in stride. "Would it have been wonderful to be nominated? Of course," he says during a press conference at the Sundance Film Festival. "But I'm not disturbed by it or upset by it ... I was so happy to be able to do this film because it was independent."

Although Redford didn't get any nod, at least his "All Is Lost" colleagues Steve Boeddeker and Richard Hymns manage to nab an Oscar nomination for Best Sound Editing. But perhaps a more shocking snub is "Lee Daniels' The Butler". After getting a complete shutout at the Golden Globes, the movie is now absent in all categories at the Academy Awards.

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