Alec Baldwin's Wife Hilaria Injures Ankle While Evading Paparazzi

Hilaria Thomas

The yoga teacher hurt her ankle as she was being run after by photographers in New York City on Thursday.
Hilaria Baldwin took to Instagram to show how unrelenting paparazzi can be, posting a photo of her left ankle raised up with an ice pack placed on it after she twisted it while trying to evade two photographers in New York City on Thursday morning, October 3. The 29-year-old yoga teacher's already flexible limbs proved still fragile as she was chased just after a month since giving birth to her and actor husband Alec Baldwin's baby daughter Carmen.

"Went out for a run today... Chased by 2 paps on bikes. One got close to me. Twisted my ankle," Hilaria captioned the photo. "Love that the pap made a buck from injuring me by selling photos. Enjoy your entertainment #messedup," the new mom added, quite sarcastically.

She has apparently approached NYC police regarding the paparazzi who were following her as she tried to workout around the streets of New York dressed in a sporty gray outfit of a loose gray, tights and sneakers, although there's no report yet if she's pressing charges against the photogs. She did however use the injury as an opportunity to ask for stiffer laws to help restrain the paparazzi from causing harm.

"Fortunately my ankle is just sprained. We need better laws protecting against paps-Just a matter of time before someone gets really hurt," Mrs. Baldwin tweeted. She definitely has the back of similar Hollywood celebrities on this cause, like actresses Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner who have lobbied for the privacy of their families especially their children, and her own husband Alec, who's known for having clashed with the paparazzi several times already.

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