Amanda Bynes' Prolonged Treatment Reportedly Granted by Judge

Amanda Bynes' Prolonged Treatment Reportedly Granted by Judge

Amanda apparently is going to stay at psychiatric facility for another 60 days to stabilize her condition before her doctors transfer her care to her mother.
A judge reportedly has granted doctors' request to put Amanda Bynes in a long-term hold. Based on the order, she may stay under doctors' care up to one year. Sources, however, tell TMZ that the "She's the Man" actress is unlikely to stay in psychiatric ward for a year. She reportedly will be hospitalized for another 60 days to stabilize her condition and the doctors will transfer her care to her mother.

Amanda's mental condition has been deteriorating this year, but Amanda's publicist Jonathan Jaxson has assured fans that the former Nickelodeon star is on the road to recovery. "Despite some reports, Amanda is improving daily and responding well," Jonathan told Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, August 29.

"There is still a long road ahead, and that doesn't mean being confined to a locked-down treatment center. Amanda is in the best hands presently, medically, and each day her condition is being monitored. There is not a set release date, but with the great track she is on presently, she will be out of a lockdown facility and continuing to recover elsewhere in the near future," the publicist continued, adding that Amanda's parents hope to continue conservatorship after September 30.

While Amanda is undergoing treatment in psychiatric hospital, the 27-year-old star has been in contact with Daniel Herman of Chinga Chang Records to negotiate a record deal. "I've talked with Amanda a few times and she wants out. She sounded normal, lucid, chill and focused," the record boss told Radar Online on Friday.

"My record offer to Amanda has not changed one bit in terms of the vision. Part of hip hop is not only struggling, but how one gets out of them. And that is what makes great music!" Daniel added. He approached Amanda in June before she got hospitalized and now he has offered her a $250,000 advance.

Lynn Bynes, who holds temporary conservatorship over the actress, has not responded to the offer. "Lynn knows I care about Amanda getting better before we hit the studio. I'm a fan. But so far no word back from Lynn," Daniel said.

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