Honey Boo Boo's Gay Uncle Reveals Brutal Physical Bullying

Honey Boo Boo's Gay Uncle Reveals Brutal Physical Bullying

Lee Thompson says he got 'broke ribs [and] dislocated jaw' in the past years and nowadays still has his car vandalized by haters due to his sexual orientation.
In an effort to help empower gay youth, Honey Boo Boo's uncle Lee Thompson talked about how hard it was growing up as gay in the South. Wearing a purple t-shirt for Spirit Day to voice his support for anti-bullying and LGBT youngsters, he said in a video message, "I was bullied day in and day out."

Lee said he suffered "broke ribs [and] dislocated jaw" through the years. Haters also vandalized his car, something that he still has to endure up to date. "But I have a family that stands by me, supports me," he said. "I'm wearing purple today to let every youngster and every teen know it is okay to be who you are. Don't let nobody change that."

Alana Thompson started calling Lee Uncle Poodle after she heard her pageant coach used the term to refer to her gay friends. "Alana thought she was really talking about dogs. She wanted to know how many poodles she had, and what were their names. And I said, 'No, Alana, she's talking about gay people.' Well, that did it. All gay people are poodles to her now, and I'm her number one poodle," he told Georgia Voice.

The "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" little girl would wear purple outfit, joining her uncle to support LGBT community. "We've always supported gay people, even long before the show started," Mama June told E! News. "We didn't just do it because we have the show. Some people are kind of scared - what you'd call homophobes - but everyone knew Sugar Bear had a gay brother. It's not a big deal."

On Twitter, a number of celebrities have already flooded their timelines with their support for LGBT youth. "Are you going purple for #SPIRITDAY in support of @GLAAD?" Dianna Agron tweeted. "That's why my icon changed. We'd love to see your support as well! XO." In the purple-themed picture, the "Glee" star was seen posing with a unicorn background.

"Modern Family" actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson wrote, "Happy #SpiritDay! I put on a purple t shirt to go to the gym and then I decided it was also #LazyDay." Chelsea Handler gushed, "Going purple with #SpiritDay." Pete Wentz additionally posted, "Show your spirit today with a purple tattoo!...#SpiritDay #BestInk."

"Pretty Little Liars" actress Shay Mitchell joined the celebration as well, "Stand against bullying! Wear purple and make your profile pic purple for #SpiritDay 10/19 #LGBT." JWoww of "Jersey Shore" declared, "It's #spiritday with @MTV and were going purple! Post Ur purple pic and tag it with #spiritday."

In addition to voicing her support for LGBT, JWoww slammed former co-star Angelina Pivarnick for her stance against gay. JWoww was outraged by Angie's statement saying that "If you're male, marry a female; if you're a female, marry a male" in a debate whether or not same-sex marriage should have been legalized.

"Angelina u f**king skank FYI I shouldn't even breathe Ur name right now but I must ... Gays have every to get married and have families ...," JWoww launched a series of F-laden rants toward Angie. "Who the f**k are u saying they don't?! I should smack that disgusting pig mouth of Urs for talking sh*t about gay..."

She continued, "But I won't because u would enjoy that too much! I'll just be sure to send u pics of my gay best friends....Pigeon b*tch #gayrights!" In response, Angie shrugged her off as stating, "I am not even going to attempt to abuse ppl right now that r talking smack. Lol. And u know who u are."

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