Beyonce Knowles' 'I Was Here' Video for UN's World Humanitarian Day

Beyonce Knowles' 'I Was Here' Video for UN's World Humanitarian Day

Queen Bey celebrates all the humanitarian works across the world with a powerful performance that is set against the backdrop of inspiring footage from around the globe.
Beyonce Knowles debuted a music video for her single "I Was Here" written by Diane Warren to celebrate World Humanitarian Day. Wearing a white long dress with her hair neatly pulled back, she stood tall on stage of the UN General Assembly delivering a powerful performance in front of live audience.

Footage of the globe with outer-space backdrop appeared on a huge screen behind the Queen Bey as she belted out the inspiring lyrics. The constellation burst into lights and then showed humanitarian works across the globe "to inspire people all over the world to do something good, no matter how big or small, for someone else."

"I'd like to ask everyone to make sure they're a part of August 19," the wife of Jay-Z told the crowd at the end of her poignant performance. "It's such a beautiful, beautiful day, and I'd like to honor the 22 people who lost their lives. God bless you all, thank you so much for having me," she referred to the 2003 tragic incident at Iraq's Canal Hotel.

When asked why she got involved in the campaign, Beyonce told Anderson Cooper in an interview segment, "I found out that 22 people lost their lives helping people in Baghdad and I thought it was such an incredible thing to turn that into something positive and try to include the world in doing something great for someone else."

" 'I Was Here' says, 'I want to leave my footprints in the sands of time,' and it's basically all of our dreams [about] leaving our mark on the world," she continued. "We all want to know that our life meant something and that we did something for someone else and that we spread positivity, no matter how big or how small."

On her official website, she listed things that people could do to help those in need.

Beyonce Knowles' "I Was Here" (UN's World Humanitarian Day) music video

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