Stacy Francis Denies She's Found Fame Before Joining 'The X Factor'

Stacy Francis Denies She's Found Fame Before Joining 'The X Factor'

Brushing off accusation that she has been lying about her musical past, the 42-year-old single mother says she never toured with Madonna, Whitney Houston or Prince.
Stacy Francis, who is one of the standouts on "The X Factor (US)", has come out with a denial to reports that she is hiding the truth about her musical career. Responding to the accusation made by, the 42-year-old singer from Brooklyn claimed she has always been honest.

"There are a lot of things which aren't true being said about me, too many to list actually! So I just wanted to tell you I have always been honest with you and will continue to do so," she stated on her official fan site. "I could only have wished to have had the success and support some people now claim I have - but right now I'm getting my break and thank you for this!"

Denying that she has found fame before joining the Simon Cowell-created show, Stacy wrote on her Twitter page, "If I am such a huge star. I have a question for all of my NEW FANS!?? DID YOU KNOW MY NAME B4 The Xfactor?? No u didn't Simon [Cowell] discovered me." has been posting a number of articles which try to bare evidences that Stacy once had a promising music career. According to the gossip site, the single mother has recorded an album back in 2008, including doing a track with Brandy. It was additionally reported that she has performed with the likes of Madonna, Prince, Whitney Houston and Chaka Khan.

"Honestly my mind is on the competition. But I have never toured with Madonna. Chaka Khan. Whitney Houston or Prince!! OMG! LOL!! Seriously!," Stacy responded to the report via her Twitter. She added, "Oh and I never had a solo album! Either!!! Omg!!!!!! LOL I have to laugh now. I have cried enough.. Jesus help us all! LOL"

Stacy indeed has had experience on Broadway, but she claimed her chance to make it big was taken away when she was involved in an abusive relationship. "I haven't performed in 12 years bcuz I was in a domestic abuse relationship. And then I was told I was too old," she tweeted.

A source has also defended Stacy, telling E! Online, "Stacy stopped singing when she was 30 years old because of that relationship. She had some gigs here and there, but she's never lied about that. Were they big gigs? No. She's just wants to get that big break now."

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