During James Corden's Carpool Karaoke segment, the 'Havana' hitmaker confesses that she joined the music competition because she believed she would marry the former member of One Direction.

AceShowbiz - Camila Cabello gained fame from "The X Factor (US)", and fans can thank Harry Styles for that. When appearing in the Monday, April 18 episode of "The Late Late Show with James Corden", the "Havana" hitmaker spilled the real reason on why the former member of One Direction played a big part in her decision to audition for the television music competition.

During the Carpool Karaoke segment, host James Corden asked Camila about her real motive in joining the competition show. The former member of Fifth Harmony openly confessed, "I was 15. I was a huge One Direction fan, and I was like, ' 'The Voice'? 'X Factor'? Well, One Direction will be at 'X Factor', I don't know if they'll be at 'The Voice', so let me audition for 'X Factor'.' "

"This is really embarrassing, and I can only say this because obviously that was like, 10 years ago, but I literally was like, 'I'm auditioning for 'X Factor' because I will marry Harry Styles,' " Camila continued, "I really believed that at the time."

James then teased Camila, "You really believe that you're gonna marry Harry Styles?" It got her responding, "I didn't think we were going to get married, but I was like, 'I'm gonna audition for 'X Factor', we're going to meet, I'm going to become a singer, and we'll probably fall in love.' " She concluded by saying that it was more like a wishful thinking. "It wasn't like, marriage, but I was like, 'We'll probably fall in love,' " she clarified.

Camila went on to add that it was the first time she ever publicly admitted the "real intention behind me auditioning for 'X Factor.' " James appreciated her honesty, and pointed out that she probably was not "the only person with that intention."

Camila joined the second season of "The X Factor (US)" in 2012. The Cuban-born singer was then put in a group along with four other women which became Fifth Harmony. After placing third on the show, her career with the group started to really take off. They were signed to a major record company and released Billboard hits, such as "Work From Home" and "Worth It".

In 2016, Camila decided to leave the group to focus on her solo career as a singer. Her career has since grown with hit songs, including "Never Be the Same" and "Don't Go Yet".

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