'The Blind Side' Finally Tackles 'New Moon' on Box Office

The second 'Twilight' film swapped position with the Sandra Bullock's football drama which took in 20.0 million dollars in its third week.

AceShowbiz - After sitting firmly on the top spot of North American box office for two weeks, "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" had to loss its crown to "The Blind Side". The Sandra Bullock-starred film scored $20.0 million and jumped one position after sitting on the second place since it was debuted on November 20. So far, it has collected $128.9 million domestically.

According to Associated Press, the football drama got a stunning rise as a result of glowing reviews and strong word-of-mouth endorsements from satisfied film goers. Meanwhile, Jeff Goldstein of Warner Bros. Pictures claimed he was surprised with "The Blind Side" achievement. "The movie has already done more than twice what we expected," he stated.

Goldstein additionally admitted the studio intentionally released the movie opposite "New Moon" to give an alternative choice for those not interested in a vampire romance. "We knew 'Twilight' was going to get the younger females. So we went after the older ones. But everyone turned out," he explained. He additionally praised the lead actress, Bullock, saying "She has a girl-next-door quality to her that people relate to. This is clearly her year."

The movie adaptation of Stephenie Meyers' second novel of "Twilight" series, in the meantime, dropped 64.0|percent| in ticket sales and only managed to collect $15.4 million in its third week. Though it was knocked to the second place, the film remained a top as it has grossed $255.4 million domestically.

Following "New Moon" was "Brothers" that stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire, and Natalie Portman. The drama that tells a story about the impact of the Afghanistan war on one conflicted American family earned $9.5 million dollars in its opening weekend.

Claiming the fourth spot was "A Christmas Carol (2009)", which swapped position with "Old Dogs". The Disney's animated movie took in $7.8 million. Meanwhile, the comedy film starring John Travolta and Robin Williams secured the fifth place with $6.9 million intake.

Top Ten Movies at Box Office for December 4-6:

  1. "The Blind Side" - $20.0 million
  2. "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" - $15.4 million
  3. "Brothers" - $9.5 million
  4. "A Christmas Carol (2009)" - $7.8 million
  5. "Old Dogs" - $6.9 million
  6. "2012 (2009)" - $6.8 million
  7. "Armored" - $6.5 million
  8. "Ninja Assassin" - $5.1 million
  9. "Planet 51" - $4.4 million
  10. "Everybody's Fine" - $3.8 million
*UPDATE: When the final figures came out on Monday, December 7, "Armored" dropped another slot to the seventh. Hence, it swapped place with "2012 (2009)", which now secured the sixth position on the chart.

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