'Glee' Bumped Until April, Paired With 'American Idol'

There will be at least three long months without the entertainment of Glee Club next year since it will only return on Tuesday, April 13 behind 'American Idol'.

AceShowbiz - The first network to have the full midseason schedule announced, FOX puts "Glee" on a three-month-plus break. The musical show will wrap its first half of season 1 on December 9 and only returns for the rest on April 13. Indeed it will be paired with the performance night of "American Idol" on Tuesdays.

"Idol" will have its usual two-night shows starting January 12. Before "Glee" slips in as its partner, the singing competition will be accompanied at the 9/8c hour on Tuesdays by a new series titled "Our Little Genius". It is an unscripted series that features America's most gifted kids as they are tested with some of the most challenging and difficult questions.

A new series "Human Target" will premiere on Wednesday, January 20. "Target" is an action-packed drama about a unique private contractor who will stop at nothing even if it means becoming a human target to save his clients.

Another important note from the midseason line-up is that "Dollhouse" will still occupy the Friday nights. FOX had decided not to continue the series and wrap it all within January 8 to 22. After that "Kitchen Nightmares" will take over starting January 29.

"Past Life" will have its two-hour series premiere on Thursday, February 11 and will move to its regular slot at 9/8c after "Bones". The drama series is only a filler of "Fringe" which returns on January 14 to February 4 but takes a break until April 1.

"Lie to Me" has just got its nine back episode order which gives it a full second season, but FOX has not determined a particular date, stating that it will be in "late spring". Meanwhile, the status of " 'Til Death" and "American Dad!" are also still to be determined.

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