Pic, Trace Cyrus Unveils Just Finished Tattoo

Trace Cyrus, Metro Station

There is the word "Forgiven" etched on the Miley Cyrus' brother's stomach.
Giving a quick update to his Twitter followers, Trace Cyrus has just posted a new photo of himself that proudly shows off his just finished tattoos to the lens. The body arts are that of Jesus crucified on the cross, mother Mary, and the famous hands that hold a rosary.

"Ummm I finished my tattoo. I'm covered now," Trace writes in companion to the shot. He, however, doesn't share publicly his intention of getting his upper body covered with those tattoos.

A number of fans has commented on Trace's latest tweet. Most of them post positive responses, calling the Metro Station guitarist, songwriter and vocalist's tattoos cool, awesome and sweet.

Prior to getting the inks, Trace Cyrus has already had several tattoos on his body. And he has been talking about tattooing his upper body since late last week.

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