Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas Love Getting Manicures

Jonas Brothers

The Jonas boys have admitted they love getting manicures especially after having tour and performances.
Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas have confessed to Top of the Pops magazine that they love getting manicures, especially after they have long tour and tiring performances. "Our nails do get messed up on the guitar, so we occasionally have a manicure," says Kevin.

"We don't get nail polish or anything though!" Joe quickly chimes in. "But we could rock that. I saw some guy rocking a gold nail varnish the other day and it looked pretty cool on him." Youngest brother Nick adds, "Pedicures? It might happen."

Music aside, the Jonas Brothers are currently filming their upcoming TV movie "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam", which is the sequel to "Camp Rock". On Wednesday, September 16, Nick Jonas celebrated his 17 birthday on the film's set alongside the crew, cast, and his family.

In addition to a light blue vanilla cake with cream filling, the birthday boy was also presented with Kettler ping-pong table and a piano as birthday presents.

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