Miley Cyrus Addresses Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez's Feud Rumors

Contrary to the mounting rumors on the street, Miley Cyrus says she is good friends with Nick Jonas and his singer brothers, and has no feud with Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.

AceShowbiz - After months of chatter and speculation, Miley Cyrus breaks her silence and sets the record straight on the rumors of her feuding with ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas and fellow Disney stars Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. In a video posted on MileyWorld, she insists she has no beef with the threesome, claiming they are all her good friends.

She starts addressing the feud issue around the 6.23 mark of the more-than 8 minutes video. "I know you guys saw me, I was hanging out with the Jonas Brothers at the inaugural [concert]," Miley says of her being photographed hugging Nick at the "Kids' Inaugural: We Are the Future", the free gig celebrating Barack Obama's presidential ceremony, on Monday, January 19. "That was really good. And we are friends ... I love the JoBros."

She furthermore confesses, "I love Nicky. I do love him." She also adds, "I love Kevin. I love Joe. I love Frankie. I love all the boys," when referring to Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Frankie "Bonus" Jonas.

Also wasting no time to squash the long persistent rumors of her feuding with Demi and Selena, Miley says, "So everyone thinking there's a big feud between me ... and Selena and Demi. Actually, I'm going to have meatloaf with Demi tonight. I'm riding my bike to Demi's house. So I'm going to be partying with Demi 'cause we're friends, and I love her and she always is there for me. She is one of my bestest friends."

She continues, "And so we have moved on and it's good for everyone else to too ... so everyone needs to back off the feud, 'cause we're over. I've always been one to be honest."

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