Lil' Kim Talks New Album, Promises to Bring New Flavor

Lil' Kim

Feeling ready to cook up new materials with new flavor and style, Lil' Kim refuses to use Auto-Tune for her next LP.
Lil' Kim opens up about what she has in mind for her upcoming studio album, saying that the record will carry "a whole new style". She tells MTV, "I'm getting ready to come with a whole new flavor, a whole new style."

"And I don't care what nobody says, I'm not gonna let anyone pigeonhole me. This is what it is. I'm coming with it," Lil' Kim explains further. "I got to hang in there with the fellas. The only way to hang in there with the fellas is to be able to do what the fellas do. And with Lil Wayne singing and rapping, T-Pain singing and rapping, and everybody singing and rapping, somebody got to represent for my laaaaaaadies."

When asked whether she will be playing with Auto-Tune like other musicians, such as Kanye West, have done, Lil' Kim says, "Maybe, maybe not." She then adds, "I'm gonna be singing, I'm gonna be flowing. Whatever I feel. It's not gonna be so strategic or placed. It's gonna be whatever I feel. I'm gonna have fun on my next album. It's coming soon. Really soon."

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