will.i.am to Celebrate Barack Obama's Victory With New Song


In commemoration of Barack Obama's winning on the U.S. general election, will.i.am hits the studio to record a new song called 'It's A New Day'.
Rapper will.i.am will release another pro-Barack Obama song after the Democratic candidate won the November-4 U.S. presidential election. Called "It's A New Day", the single will hit the internet on video-sharing website Dipdive. He will also shoot a music video to support the song.

In addition, the Black Eyed Peas' member will create a web page as a place for people to leave comments and testimonials about how proud they are to be making a change. "This was inspired by America. It's about Obama winning, and really paying tribute to those people who are responsible for that happening, and that's the American people," he said during the election night.

Previously, will.i.am has shown his support for Obama by releasing a song called "Yes We Can". He gathered some fellow celebrities, including John Legend, Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Phillippe, and Common, for the music video.

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