Confirmed, Mark Ronson and Daisy Lowe Split Up

Confirmed, Mark Ronson and Daisy Lowe Split Up

A representative for her refused to comment on the cause of their split, but it's been rumored that their age difference has become a trigger.
Amidst reports that Mark Ronson and Daisy Lowe have split up, a representative for the English fashion model has confirmed the couple are no longer together. "Yes it's true. They've split," her spokeswoman stated. "However, this is a private matter between Daisy and Mark. There is nothing more to add."

The Daily Mirror which broke the news reported that the pair decided to end their relationship after a heated argument in New York last week, during which Daisy is believed to have told the musician she "had enough" and was leaving him. To that Mark reportedly simply told her, "Fine, leave." The twosome have since then had no contact.

No words on the reason for their split, but rumor has it, their separation was triggered by their 14-year age gap. "Daisy is a girl about town just finding her feet on the party scene and loving every minute of it. She is still a teenager and although she's got a wise head on her shoulders, she's still a very young woman," a source revealed. "But Mark is the opposite. He's at a very different stage in his life. He's 33 now and although he enjoys the party lifestyle he's looking to settle down and Daisy isn't ready for that."

Mark and Daisy were due to fly back together to the U.K., where she's been booked to appear in a number of catwalk shows at London Fashion Week. But, it has been reported that Daisy was seen boarding the plane alone and was met by her mother Pearl Lowe.

In the wake of the break up report, it has been claimed that Daisy has rekindled her romance with an ex-boyfriend. She reportedly is back with Will Cameron and was seen heading back to his place in Baker Street on Sunday night, September 14 after attending a London Fashion Week show.

The Daily Mail was informed by a source, Daisy "had gone to Will's place ... She went to see Will for a shoulder to cry on. She's been really upset over the last few days after her split from Mark." The source went on adding, "Daisy never lost touch with Will, and has always remained close friends with him. They have always been close, and Will was pining after her when she dumped him for Mark."

No comment from Daisy on reports of her rekindled romance with Will. Mark also didn't comment on his split from Daisy during a public appearance on the U.K. premiere of "Righteous Kill" in London on Sunday.

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