Josh Hartnett Has Sex with Random Lady, Caught on CCTV

Josh Hartnett

He was caught on Soho Hotel's CCTV having sex with a random chick inside the hotel's unlocked library, much to the surprise of the staff there who witnessed the romp.
Josh Hartnett is the latest Hollywood celebrity who becomes the object of media scrutiny as his sex life has been outed by the media. The hunk, according to Daily Mirror, has a sexual encounter with a random lady in Soho Hotel's library and the romp was caught on CCTV without him or the girl knowing.

"Josh and the girl were getting pretty hot and heavy," Daily Mirror quoted its mole as saying. "After stumbling in quite late, they legged it to the library and immediately closed all the curtains so that no one could see in. Unfortunately the hotel has security cameras all over the place - the library included. This means their every spit and cough was recorded, and cringing hotel workers saw all of Josh's X-rated moves."

Detailing on the movie hunk's romp with the mysterious lady, the mole went on saying, "No one quite knew where to look and there was a very awkward silence. Josh didn't seem bothered that the library wasn't locked and anyone could just burst in. He just kind of went for it."

In another dose of bad news, it's been claimed that a number of hotel staff watched the footage that showed the couple having sex in the hotel's library. The mole added that "After the event, someone had a quiet word in Josh's ear and he was asked to take his personal business elsewhere in future. Josh took it on the chin and didn't kick up a fuss. He's been as good as gold since."

Neither Josh nor his camp has commented on the report.

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