Set Two Years After, 'Transformers 2' Action Sequences Crazier Than the First

Set Two Years After, 'Transformers 2' Action Sequences Crazier Than the First

Exposing more about the upcoming 'Transformers' sequel, Megan Fox shared that the movie will be having crazier action sequences and it will be set two years after the first film ended.
Reports about "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" seem to keep pouring down. With the latest news from co-writer Roberto Orci insisting that the shooting was never really halted, actress Megan Fox revealed that the second movie adapted from the popular Hasbro toy line is indeed having lots of action sequences than "Transformers".

Sharing her experiences while reprising her Mikaela Banes role in the sequel, she confessed that the movie is having "like a hundred" action sequences. In an interview in Santa Monica, California, on July 14, the actress also discussed about the new Bumblebee. "There's a different Bumblebee, the yellow one that you see in the movie, that we drive. I don't drive it, but it drives at like 120 miles an hour, and we're in it with no seat belts or harnesses or anything. It's, if we die, we die, all in the name of Transformers," she explained.

Further, she also added that the movie is set two years after the end of the first movie. "It's sort of like a jump," the "Jennifer's Body" star claimed. "It's two years from when you last saw us, obviously, because it's matching with when the movie comes out. We're college age, and our relationship ... we just get together in the last one. And so you miss all of that new relationship. There's no love scenes, no big hookup in the end. That's all, sort of, in the past. Because we've been together for years now. So we're just together, hanging out, doing what we got to do to ... That's all I can say!"

Directed by Michael Bay, "Revenge of the Fallen" stars once again Shia LaBeouf, Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson and John Turturro. They will also be supported by a line of newcomers, including Isabel Lucas and Rainn Wilson. The movie is slated for June 26, 2009 release.

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